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Enable a diverse array of engineering and research initiatives that advance technology in the decentralized consensus and blockchain domain, while continuously expanding our public library of free open source tools for analyzing and building decentralized systems. The Lab’s consensus engineers are financially and technically supported through the infrastructure and expertise of the Insight Decentralized Consensus Fellows Program.


Trust Keeper

Lead: Jahir M Gutierrez

Trust Keeper (GitHub) is fraud detection tool that uses graph theory and neural network deep learning to flag dishonest activity in peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplaces. Learn more about the mechanics and see actual results!

Unified Blockchains

Lead: Dragos Velicanu

Unified Blockchains (GitHub)  is a universal import wrapper that can flexibly import multiple blockchains and extract salient data into a relational SQL database, in order to abstract data analysis away from wrangling assorted blockchain formats.

CryptoNote Heuristic Linking GAN

Lead: Mitchell Krawiec-Thayer

[UPCOMING] CryptoNote Heuristic Linking GAN (GitHub) The adversarial generator/discriminator framework is leveraged to agnostically drive the evolution of strategies for ring signature decoy selection and churn methods. Over the course of many training epochs the discriminator will achieve optimal performance for CryptoNote blockchain analysis, while the generator learns how to ensure fungibility against state-of-the-art tracing attempts.

Domain Assessor

Lead: David Christle

Online discussions provide the latest information in the rapidly-evolving consensus landscape. Sifting through the hype can seem almost impossible, yet finding the projects with the highest potential and market viability is crucial for identifying key collaborations and interoperability requirements. "DomainAssessor" (GitHub) mines online chatter, automatically surfaces a set of blockchain experts, and uses sentiment analysis and discussion volume to predict up-and-coming efforts that are worth your attention.

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The Insight Decentralized Consensus Lab is a Silicon Valley-based technical research and development lab, producing new industry-standard tools for analyzing and engineering decentralized consensus systems. The Lab pursues both internal initiatives and external collaborations with research and development teams in the decentralized consensus and blockchain space. Most Lab projects are released as free open-source software.

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